Dealing with ISP's

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Dealing with ISP's

Post by chpalmer » Thu Feb 25, 2021 4:12 am

So how do you deal with someone like Spectrum who makes you use their equipment when you have multiple IP addresses on business class service but will not use updated firmware for the PUMA debacle.. ??

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Sorry- my crystal ball is running on a Puma 6..

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Re: Dealing with ISP's

Post by e38BimmerFN » Tue Mar 09, 2021 6:03 am

Unfortunately your the there mercy. Your not the only one. There is a ton of other users on Spectrum whom also complain of the same thing with Spectrum. They don't seem to want to update users owned modems as well. I would think they would on there own HW which they rent out. Seems like someone who's in the tech side of there business don't like to listen or wants to be proactive on preventing modems from becoming a problem. Probably turning a blind eye. :wut:

Only idea would be to try to contact someone at the FCC to see if you can lodge a complaint.
Try to talk to the mfr of the modem and see though probably can't do much from there side either. Some can if you get to the right level of support. I think spectrum is the worst though. :doh:

Avoid using Spectrum if possible. Hopefully there not the only ISP in your city. :shifty:

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