Pingplotter Pro Instructions

Pingplotter will run on Windows, Mac and iOS. I don't have experience on Mac or iOS with it, so the instructions are mostly for windows



1. Download and install Pingplotter - here

2. Download and install WinPcap - here

3. Start Pingplotter

4. Click on "edit" then click "Options". Click on "engine".  on the "packet type" drop down box pick TCP packets. Make sure the option at the bottom "TCP Target port" is set to "HTTP Port 80". Click OK.

5. There is a box towards the top that says "Enter target name or IP". Type in Click on the "interval" box that says 2.5 and TYPE IN 0.3 and press enter.

6. Press the green play button.

7. A chart will quickly appear. If not RIGHT click on where it now shows and click "show timeline".

8. RIGHT CLICKING on the chart will allow you to see different time intervals.