OK I have a bad modem - what can I do ?

If you are in the US, the short answer is throw it away and buy one based on a Broadcom chip. Short of that ask your ISP to update the firmware in your device.

List and discussion of good modems

This may not be as easy as it sounds as your ISP might not support a Broadcom based device.

You should join the class action lawsuit. This is important so Intel and others in the industry understand consumers care about internet performance. You can do so -here-

You can call your ISP and complain about this. This is often met with "wha ?" and lots of "Duh" from the ISP. You should refer them to this site during the call. Ask for a different modem.

You can return the modem to the mfgr as defective. This can be tricky. Again refer them to this site for references as to why you want to return it

Its possible to locate your City contracts administration department which oversees the cable company contract and file a complaint

If you are outside the US

This gets really messy. You cant go get another modem. Your only option is to complain a lot to your ISP. Try and force them to do a firmware update. Intel has been very effective in getting worldwide ISPs to switch exclusively to Intel and so you cant get Broadcom.


ISPs and modem makers are scared of a recall and the huge monetary loss over this chip blunder. So everyone is trying to stick their head in the sand as completely as possible. So getting anything done is a issue. This could well be one of the largest mistakes in Intel history and cost them A LOT of money.